Troubled Children.

OPEN EXHIBITION, 10th Anniversary at Turner Contemporary, Margate.

Textile, paper and paint wall piece.

Techniques used: printed fabric; knit; hand embroidery; drawing.

Size: (w) 200cm, (h) 240cm, (d) 15cm.

Troubled Children is about a group of nomadic women travelling from their cave, into the night, through forests to their boat.

In the piece the characters appear repeatedly, journeying across the textile work like a graphic novel. The disparate elements are bound together to give an apparent carelessness, but the nomadic women are shaped by their journeying and sense of place.

The textile hanging is fabric and painted paper, with found objects and old clothing. The work is in a perpetual state of becoming, reverting from 2D to 3D forms, there is a constant child like naivety shifting back and forth between image and text, the viewer looks in vain for a line of letters and visual imagery that speaks out.

The work was inspired by a large piece of graffiti ‘Troubled Children’, that appeared overnight in April 2020 under the M20 bridge, here graffiti is added frequently and the area is like a constantly changing outdoor exhibition. The piece of  graffiti ‘Troubled Children’ still remains under the bridge and has not been painted over.