The Lost Room

Artist in Residence at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge with Porchlight, Canterbury, from July to November 2013.

Using the Beaney as our place to meet and work I was joined by a group of people from Porchlight, I asked them to bring small objects that they constantly carry with them, these could be objects that have an important sentimental meaning e.g. a memento from years ago, or an object that they used everyday, that may have little value e.g. personnel headphones. Discussions followed about the importance we place on objects and the relationship we have with the ‘things’ we carry on us.

Using embroidery techniques we embellished and decorated the objects, this elevated them to to a new status and as if to acknowledge their new importance they were displayed alongside the museums collections.

The Lost Room was a collaborative project with Mark Hewitt, writer, director and theatre maker. He spent time with Porchlight devising a tour of Canterbury from a homeless person’s perspective and gathering ‘memory pictures’ as a counterpart to the personal physical objects that  I focused on.

(Photographs by Manu Palomeque)

Accompanying publication ‘The Lost Room caseside book

Funded by Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, FrancisKnight, Arts Council England, Porchlight.