Playground 2021 to date.


Playground 2021 to date builds on the success of the pilot project that took place in Kent in 2018-19.

The project recognises that the first years of life are the most critical, having a lasting impact on a child’s ability to learn and succeed. Playground aims to inspire young children and their families by immersing them and those who care for them in creative activity that is deeply engaging, sensory and above all fun. I am part of a diverse group of artists delivering multidisciplinary sessions across Kent in 13 libraries, 6 early years settings, NHS settings and schools for children with complex needs, Turner contemporary and to Afghan evacuee’s. Playground aims to empower parents and carers with the confidence and enthusiasm for continued and sustained creative engagement with their children.

Playground is supported by Kent County Council’s Children and Young People Programme – Reconnect, in the context and recognition that Covid has had a major impact on all sectors of our society but in particular on children and young people.

Below are 2 links to my Playground journey and reflections.