Elephant House Girl

I have always thought it was magical that there was a zoo over the river from my home, wild exotic animals living in the Kent countryside.

As an artist I like to express my ideas through different mediums from drawing, textiles, ceramics to installation and film. I work with ideas and try to make them into a visual language. I am driven by a concept rather than excelling at a craft, I am an ideas person.

I intend to create an installation of textiles and ceramics of my imagined Maidstone Zoo. I am developing the work as artist in residence at Involve, Kent. I am collecting memories about the zoo from members of the craft sessions and visitors to the Involve shop. The ‘Monday knitters’ have spoken of large numbers of elephants and lions at the zoo and of puma that appears as a ghost.

As artist in residence at Involve I talk, sew and install my imagined Zoo of animal spirits, I am part of the community; performing; inhabiting a public space, I can be watched while I am drawing and sewing, as materials pass through my hands and are transformed into objects from my imagination, the pleasure of my making is conveyed.