‘Belongings’ was an Aspirations project, part of the Porchlight service. This project was about bringing a group of people together to connect and share stories about Belongings. We explored our memories of Belongings through drawing, paper manipulation, sewing and model making.

The participants wrote some words at the end of the project:

“Before coming to Belongings I didn’t have hardly any confidence and I was always shy. The first week I came I felt really nervous but I was made to feel welcome by everyone and I soon settled in and I had the best time. I loved every second and it has helped me really open up and feel happy.”

“A fun little group where you can forget your troubles and let your creativity flow and interact with people on the same wavelength.”

” This small unassuming creative collaboration of individuality and bravery has for me created the shift that is crucial to my self worth and knowing of myself. This is my recovery. I’m so pleased to have made a connection to ‘Belongings’, these brave people and myself”.

( Photographs by Artist and Manu Palomeque)

Funded by Porchlight, FrancisKnight and help in kind from Involve, Maidstone.